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Ah, don’t you love them, rocks. So fun to animate too.


If you’re into drawing pixel art rocks, boy does Patreon got you covered.

The above was a joke posted by Pedro ‘Saint11’ Medeiros (on Tumblr as the game dev team @studiominiboss) before releasing his real rock formations tutorial.


Pedro’s is probably the #1 Patreon page to follow and support if you’re into condensed tutorials about pixel art. Even though they seem on the surface as being about different concrete things to draw, they hold an even stronger underlying narrative about pixel art style.

Follow Saint11 on Patreon and Twitter.


Nauris Amatnieks a.k.a. @namatnieks is a newcomer on Patreon and also has some hard knowledge to share with you. His tutorials stand out by also showing weaker ways of completing each step, things you’re usually looking to avoid.

Follow Namatnieks on Pateron and Twitter.


Finally, a fellow Deviant who I’ve been following for a long time, Kat ‘RHLPixels’, completes the current rock trend with her newest tutorial. In good old DeviantArt fashion, the format is a long image instead of the eye-catching GIFs popularized by Pedro. There’s plenty of more of these old-shool long-reads in her DeviantArt album Palettes and Tutorials.

Follow RHLPixels on Patreon and Twitter.

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