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There's no mystery at all. The universe plays its thermodynamic game and we're just playing along. We lower the average entropy around us by creating life or by anything that makes a system more organized than the surroundings. We're constantly changing and conserving energy. By the time of our death the low entropy, that we were, disappears and returns to the average (ever increasingly higher) value dictated by the universe. It also means that in the far future life as we know it will be harder to create.  
Did you know that during the inflation period of the universe most of the contents moved beyond its event horizon? We are left with a tiny amount of matter that we love and the majority is beyond the blackness of the sky, transformed to unknown things. Perhaps that's the place where these mystical things come from.  

YouTube, Aeon Waves - The Lonely Path, ASCENSiON1989 comment

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